Saturday, October 14, 2017

This Talk Spoke to Me

This past week was SO VERY HARD!

It's so hard to think I'm improving, then mess up every day! I forget things and people, and freak out, and just want to be done. I ask for things to be better, and then can't figure out what I'm doing wrong that would make things so hard. What am I doing that needs to change? What is happening that I can't see or understand?
Then a friend posted this talk! It helped me think of how well I AM doing! I'm praying, reading scriptures, going to all my meetings.

This doesn't mean I'm done and don't have to keep trying. But I'm doing well for what I'm going through. And Heavenly Father loves me.

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

School Performance part 2

I think what amazes me the most, is that they have less that 6 weeks to put this whole thing together.  And it doesn't matter what talent everyone has when the class starts, they will be improved by the end.  And EVERYONE gets to perform!!

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Ari's school performance

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Healthy Journey

This summer I decided to participate in a Healthy Living contest.  I was so so so hoping it would help with the migraines.  But alas, it didn't.
Anyway, here were the rules that we followed, in case you were wanting to do your own:
You will use a scoring sheet each week to keep track of your score. Each week when you weigh in you will send me your weight and how many points you earned for that week and I will enter it into a spreadsheet to keep a tally of individual and team points and % of weight lost for each week. I will add whatever points you earn for weight lost.
Each week I will post the team and individual points and % of weight lost or gained in this group. I will NOT post actual weight. Here is an example of how you can earn points.
Scoring: (see rules below for further clarification)
Exercise: 15 min = 1 pt (up to 16 pts/week)
Eat a healthy breakfast = 1 pt
NO junk food = 2 pts; MINIMAL junk food = 1 pt
3-4 servings of vegetables = 1 pt; 5+ servings = 2 pts
No soda = 1 pt
No eating w/in 2 hours of bed = 1 pt
Drink at least 64 oz of water = 1 pt
Get at least 7 hours of sleep every 24 hours = 1 pt
Weight loss = 2 pts for every % lost (rounding up)

 Needless to say, I did get my weight and healthy habits where they should be.  No more running to the the pantry for handfuls of chocolate chips!  Eating lots of veggies!  Exercising everyday.

We'll see what the future holds.

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Raising My Spirituality

Sunday is the BEST day.  I love being able to feel the spirit, learn new things (or be reminded of things), serve, and just start being a better person ('cuz I mess up, like lots!).
One thing I have learned to help extend the feeling of peace from sacrament meeting is to not Rush out of there.  We all have someplace we need to go afterward.  Whether it's to teach a class, attend a class, run an auxiliary, or help in the library.  Sometimes I have felt that I needed to leave before the closing prayer.  However, when I was in the primary presidency, our bishop admonished us to stay until after the closing prayer was said.  I was wondering about this.  We needed to set up the room and get things ready for the children to arrive.  Yet he told us that everyone should stay until the closing prayer, and that we should still have plenty of time to get there and settled before the primary room started filling up.  The schedule for Sunday meetings gives a 10 minute break between Sacrament meeting and the rest of the classes. This is more than enough time to get there. I have our kids start to clean up their items during the closing song, then we are all ready to leave right after the prayer is said.  
So here I am a few years later, and unless there is some unforeseen problem, I stay until the very end.  I like not feeling rushed to get to Sunday School. I like keeping the thoughts shared in talks in my head so I can ponder them. When I'm not rushing off I can be thinking about these things.  

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