Tuesday, February 19, 2008

An Inside Adventure

Today was a fun day. I started going through Katia's and Jayden's closet to make room for the babies things. In there is the single stroller and carseat. I pulled them out and the kids decided to pretend we were going on a walk, as I haven't been able to walk with this pregnancy. We made a snack of apples and goldfish, which we would regularly take on our walks, and they took turns getting into and out of the stroller. Katia was amazed that she had figured out how to do this on her own. It was fun to watch them. This also gave me time to clean the carseat parts and do the dishes while I listened to there fun time. Pin It

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope you are all having a great Valentine's Day. We sure are. The sun is shining, and the temperature is fairly mild. I love the snow, and seeing it come down sideways yesterday was awesome, but I also like to see the sun every once in a while. Tonight we will have our family candle light dinner. This has been a family tradition for 7 or more years, and we all love it. Especially the little kids.

Today we went for an ultrasound. The ultrasound tech was really patient to try and get a good picture. Of course they are so squished that only one of the babies was able to be seen really well. Thing 1 is head down and had the umbilical cord in front of their face the whole time. Thing 2 had their hands in front of their face so that it took a while to get a good look. They are growing well. Thing 1 weighs 4 lbs and Thing 2 weighs 3lb14oz. They also have plenty of fluid, so they are healthy.

I love to look at Thing 2's chubby cheeks. It seems that the 3-D ultrasound pictures worked this time, where as last time we couldn't get anything to work. But we only have 6 more weeks until we get to see them outside. That's when we can hold them, but the real work begins. Still, when I think of the work involved, I am still more excited to get to see them, that the work seems minimal. We'll see if this stays.

I also have these two pictures taken February 2 and today for you all to compare.

I can feel the difference just in the past few days. I can also tell that they have grown because they feel heavy. The doctor said I also have to take sleep aids to ensure that I get enough sleep. This will help out my mood, I hope. I might even have enough energy to keep up with the kids, house, and other stuff. Pin It

Thursday, February 7, 2008

30 week Milestone

Well, we have made it to week 30. The goal is still 37 weeks before the little ones make their debut. I do have some picts from the doctor visit last week. I asked him to try and get a foot or hand or something. He was able to get Thing 2's profile and foot. Thing 1 is quite far down and starting to move behind Thing 2, so we were only able to see the arm in front of the face.

Thing 2 profile

Thing 2 leg

Thing 1 with arm over face

It is still fun to go and see them moving on the screen and try to figure out what they are doing when I feel strange movements. I've got the hiccups down, and the stretches, but there is something that Thing 1 does that feels like a shiver and a spin. But how arms can do that, I'm not sure. We'll find out when they are born.
Thing 2 weighed 3 lbs and Thing 1 weighed 2lb11oz. They are both still doing great and have plenty of what they need. I don't have all of what I need, which is mainly sleep. With sick kids and teenagers in the house, this is one thing that has been lacking.
I am now going every week for check ups, which helps my anxiety about their welfare. We went and toured the hospital, mainly to see the OR and the NICU so that there will be no unexpected surprises. With twins, my doctor delivers in the OR. The NICU is right across the hall.
Now that it is February, we are really getting on the ball with getting things done. We want to have as much ready before they come as possible. Luckily I have felt well and been able to do what needs done. The kids have also been helpful. With such busy lives now days, we all have to work together to keep things running smoothly.
I have created a page to help me keep track of the twins the first few weeks at home. I feel this will help me know how each is doing and to be able to assist the doctor in keeping these little ones healthy. Thanks to Grandpa Kirkham for the cliipboard, so I didn't have to steal one from the kids.
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