Thursday, July 17, 2008

Infant Reflux or GERD

As most of you know, Delta and Emma have acid reflux. This is where the acid in the stomach comes up and gives heartburn type symptoms. They both have to burp really well, and get tummy aches easily. The other thing that we were dealing with is Delta's reaction to milk products. Well, I wasn't drinking any milk or eating milk products. This helped her to be able to digest the breast milk better. The end of June I started drinking milk again and Delta did okay with it. Until now.
About two weeks ago Emma started having a hoarse voice and coughing. I thought it was a cold. When it didn't go away, I took her to the doctor to see if it was the reflux irritating the esophagus. We believe it is. We increased her dose of zantac to see if this would help. Tuesday Delta started having the same thing, so we increased her dose as well.
Wednesday came and they seemed to be getting worse. I called a friend whose sons both had reflux to ask her for tips. She shared some tips with me that we are trying. Making sure to burp them really well after feedings. Give them Mylicon Drops right after they eat. Swaddle them tightly. We did have some tricks that we are sticking with. We sit Emma up in the corner of the couch or in the swing to sleep. When I feed them. they both sit up on my lap facing each other. When I play with them lying on the floor, I will kick their legs and kind of squish their tummies with their knees. This seems to help get the gas out.

Wednesday evening I decided to call the pharmacist to see how long the zantac takes to kick in. He said it should have started to improve their symptoms already. So I went on line looking for things to try to help. I came across a website that said dairy products are typically the cause for acid reflux in breastfed babies. Well, Hmmm, I just started drinking milk the end of June. And that is when the trouble started to escalate. So, No more milk I guess. I will miss ice cream, pudding, and cheese, but if I can have my happy girls back, I will sacrifice these things. The website said that after 2 weeks you should see an improvement if this is the cause, so the end of July they should be enjoying life again.
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Marnie said...

You don't know me, but I saw your blog on a post from the 4children group. Two of my children had reflux as well. We did many of the things that you have tried, but we also used "Grip Water". This was a life saver! Especially when they had an upset tummy or gas. It usually only took about 5-10 mins. to kick in. I actually had an upset tummy one night and took as adult dose and couldn't believe how well it worked! Be careful, some contain alchol. My favorite brand is called "Baby Blyss Gripe Water" by MOMS Enterprise. I use to buy it directly from the website, but you can now find it at BabiesRUs. You have a darling family. Good luck!


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