Monday, August 25, 2008

And the Chaos that shall reside in thy home shall be great.
For it shall last all the days of thy life.
Not less than thou livest. For that is not the entirety of thy life.
For the chaos in thy home shall last your entire life.
No more. No less.
And that chaos shalt be great...

The past 5 days have fit right in with this. Katia had a cough last week. Not a bad one. But on Thursday Emma started not feeling well, followed Friday by Delta. Emma ran a fever for half a day, and Delta ran one for 2 days. They are all doing much better now. Delta is a bit congested and miserable, but not as bad as yesterday. Of course now Tony is getting sick, so...Here we go 'round the family. I do think that that it is better to have both Delta and Emma sick at once and get it over and done with, though there is no rest. But now that they are on the mend, I can get some things done.
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Jeanette said...

I have a picture of Kaylee at about that age, almost exactly like Katia. Kaylee thinks my kitchen aid IS a cookie dough maker. Glad to hear the girls are getting better, sad to hear that it is still going around, hopefully your school going children will be immune!


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