Friday, June 19, 2009

What kind of a Friday is this?

Today was a kinda weird one. I woke up early and was ready to go. I got all my coupons gone through and my shopping lists ready. I showered and started laundry. Tony emptied the dishwasher and then we ate breakfast sorta together. Then the little ones woke up. I fed Delta and Emma, and the fun started. Delta had a bad tummy ache. I finally decided that it was acid reflux. I gave her some medicine, held her for most of the morning, she took a nap, and woke up in a better mood. But first she had to throw up everything she ate for breakfast (in three separate episodes). So much for that get-lots-done day I had planned. I did try pulling weeds with Delta sitting on the little bike. She cried most of the time, so after 10 minutes I left Jayden to do what he could alone (he loves to help in the garden).
Then it was lunch time and after feeding the babies again, I got them both to sleep. They took a fairly good nap (this is rare), then woke up and played in the crib (which they are still fitting in). During nap I did laundry and sewed one swim bag. I'll chat about this in another post. They are so awesome!
So after that I felt sort of down. I wanted to accomplish so much more. I am grateful I could get Delta feeling better. I am glad I am home so I can take care of her the way she needs. I am grateful for a husband who helps and comes home at lunch to give me that pick-me-up. I am grateful I could at least get some weeds pulled, one swim bag done, and that the sun was shining. (Boy does that help!)
Okay, so I guess that this was an okay day. I do have great news that I will share in a future post.
I am glad that I can complain somewhere about days not going well. This has helped me to see that it really was a good day. Just not as I planned. Thanks for listening (or reading). I hope you all can see the bright side of things.
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Nan said...

So many of my days are like that. I totally sympathize. It seems I actually get more done on the days I plan to do nothing. Hope it gets better. Having sick kids is really no fun!

Eric said...

Glad to see you and Tony are doing quite well. My family and I went camping up in Logan this past week. It was fantastic. We went camping over at Spring Hollow. There is some great fishing up in that area. Also I had to come down into the valley to try out some of that famous Aggie Ice Cream I always hear about. The mint chocolate chip delivered on the promise!


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