Monday, August 17, 2009

I am not only losing my mind...

This past week was so crazy with all the school shopping and such. Friday I finally decided I needed to fit groceries into the schedule. Well, while coupon-ing and getting the lists ready, I decided that in order to keep Delta and Emma busy, I would share my cell phone with them. I have done this a number of times so didn't think anything of it. Then it was time to go. I went to retrieve my phone and it was no where to be found. I tried calling it, but had it on the lowest setting so couldn't hear it. I decided to go with out it and find it when I got home.
I returned home and after fixing lunch, went on another search. Nothing! The phone battery died, so no more calling it.
Saturday it still was missing. So we went on an Easter Basket search (where you take everything out of everywhere, and return it, looking for whatever is missing). The front room is where we began. Nothing. Then the kitchen. Nothing. Today we will be starting on the basement. I hope that we can find it soon.
I keep asking the girls where my phone is, but they just start looking around for it.
I saw Delta put a toy phone in a cereal box, so I thought I had found where it would be. I checked everywhere in the pantry, and NOTHING! This experience has helped deep clean rooms that have needed it all summer, but I would rather be reading books to the kids or going on a walk. Maybe even sitting next to my DH and watching a movie or having an intellectual conversation. As it is, all I have done since Friday is either look, or think of where to look, for the phone.
Will it turn up? will it be lost forever? Will I ever share something like this with them again? Who knows. I guess we'll see how the week goes. Pin It

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Aprile said...

Sorry to hear about your phone! Consider this though-if you stop looking for it, then noone can call you when you are out and about, and that makes for one less distraction! Sometimes it's nice to be "disconnected."


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