Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What to do with all this sugar?

Well, we came home with so much candy from the parade. We take gift bags to place our loot in. Great handles and I let them gorge themselves yesterday, then took it away. I combined it all in one bag and am using it to motivate the kids to help with chores. I told them that whoever helped clean each room, they would get one piece of candy. We started with the front room. We cleaned up all the things that go in that room and put it in it's place. Then took everything that doesn't go in there and put it WHERE IT GOES. Then they were given a piece of candy to eat while I vacuumed. This worked for the bedrooms and the kitchen. Now the kids have eaten lunch and are outside playing. I'm sitting here on the computer instead of cleaning up while they play. So much more fair. And more fun. Plus I get to be with them and teach them how to clean. They get a reward for a job well done, and the candy isn't just being consumed with no goal attached. Pin It

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