Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer Flies the Coop!

I have no idea where the summer has gone. I don't think I did enough for 12 weeks to have passed. (Has it really been that long?!?)

Went swimming a few times.
We had a play at the park/picnic each Wednesday.
We went to a movie every Thursday afternoon.
Went hiking.
Fed the ducks.
Went to the small local zoo.
Worked in the yard.
Sewed a few items.
(bag, apron, pillowcase, skirts)
Watched a helicopter drop water on a wildfire.
Helped family put a roof on.
Visited family.
I picked up embroidery again.

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But the past three weeks we have done quite a bit.

Our oldest son was ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood.
We celebrated his 12th birthday with family.

We went camping with the family.
Flaming Gorge.
So fun.
Quite wet.
It rained most of the time.
Then the wind blew.
But the kids we so great.
We ended up trapped in the travel trailer for most of the time.
Saw some amazing sunsets and lightning!
Then we headed to Mimi's house to get out of the weather.
Then we came home.

I painted my bedroom.
Just boring white.
I need a blank canvas.
I still need to finish the little girls' room.
Same color.

We went school shopping.
I took 5 of the kids to begin with.
It went okay.
But after that I only took one child with me at a time.
Less hectic.

Today I went to do the grocery store to do the
breakfast/after school snack shopping.
I like to have on hand easy, good, nutritious food for the kids.
It helps me keep them eating better.
Toaster Strudel.
Cold cereal.
Cheese sticks.
I also make sure we have pancake mix.
And plenty of eggs and bread.

So now we are pretty much ready for school to start.
There is one thing left to do.
We need to get our sleep schedule fixed.
We've been staying up late (11:00 late).
Sleeping in late (9:00 late).
The little kids even.
DD, 17 says she will just wake up fine (6am) the first day of school
without starting to wake earlier each day.
We'll see how it goes.

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Jocelyn Christensen said...

sounds like you've had a great summer! Sleeping in until 9??? I love it!

Patty Ann said...

We have been in school for two weeks now, all the kids get up a 5:30. It works pretty good, but I have found we only vary our summer schedule by one hour (later to bed). This makes us much easier to change during school and also I can always add a late night as a special treat. Good luck! We love school here.


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