Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just Around the River Bend (we just watched Pocahontas)

Well, Here it is. The last Sunday before Christmas. I have had such a laid back month. There has been a lot to do, but not wanting to feel rushed, I have just taken it a little at a time.
There are some traditions that we do that I simplified.
The first is making Gingerbread houses. I bought a kit and had the kids put it together. The only thing I did was do the frosting and help construct the building.

Then, we have had sick ones, so instead of cooking fun treats to take around, we made ornaments. I bought the clear glass ones at Hobby Lobby. Then some Epsom Salt. I filled the glass ornaments with the salt. I used my Silhouette to cut out Initials to go on the glass ornament. Then afterward, we tied the tag and some ribbon to the top. So easy. (Go here to see the blog I stole this idea from) Then we delivered them to the families on our list.
The hardest part was narrowing down who to take to. We have such a wonderful ward, and we love every member, but I set the limit to 30 ornaments so it wasn't a burden on our time. So that was the hardest!!

Our ward does a giving tree. The last 2 years they have simplified things. We use to go buy each thing separately and then take it to the Relief Society President. This year we bought some food items, but the clothing items were purchased by the RS Pres and we just donated money. Less shopping for me. I am at the grocery store once a week, anyway.

Then for presents, I took each child separately to shop for each other. That helped me spend time with them, and not have to hide from the other. Then I had them wrap the gifts they bought. They did a great job, and it personalizes it for them. It doesn't need to be perfect. (Keep telling yourself that)

I am even helping Santa out. He usually wraps the stocking stuffers and the gifts for each child. Last year I told him not to wrap the stuffers. This year I bought some felt bags for him to put the kids big gift in. (Santa only brings one gift per child. They do NOT need any more than that. Can you imagine 7 gifts from Santa in one room!) Pin It


Patty Ann said...

Love it. We don't ever wrap the stocking stuffers. They are "stuffed" after all. We just put them inside and spilling outside and the kids get to play and have a great time with them until we open the presents later on. I love to make them wait!!!

Valerie said...

Hope you and your family have a super Merry Christmas. So nice of you to help Santa. :)


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