Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Day

I had so much fun this year making the costumes.
Some of which did take quite a while to make.
The Rapunzel dress, for instance.
But they turned out so well, and the kids like them.
That makes it all worth it.

Saturday we went to our neighborhood carnival.
Our ward puts it on.
The bounce house had the biggest draw.

Tinkerbell jumping with Spiderman.

Max the Spider Troll with a Jedi and Ninja.

Silvermist jumping with Ballerina Ghost.
I love how it looks like she is flying!


My favorite costumes.

Then we went Trick-R-Treating with the cousins.

I decided to dress up again this year.
I borrowed a costume that Cheerful Cheerleader wore.

They sure have a lot more energy than I do.

We didn't stay out too late.
They were tired by 8:00, so we went home.

Here are our finished/lit Jack-O-Lanterns.
They were so fun and turned out so well.
And I only had to help with one.
That makes it even better!!
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1 comment:

Patty Ann said...

You did a wonderful job too!! I love all the little ballerinas.


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