Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Adam

Today was Christmas Adam. The day before Christmas Eve.
We were kept quite busy.
We started with pancakes made with cookie cutters. (Christmas shapes.)
Then we did a few chores.
We went shopping in the late morning to help the kids finish up.
During lunch, I helped them wrap a few things.
Then I took Cheerful Cheerleader to the mall.
When I got back, I realized I hadn't eaten yet.
After eating, I decided to take the younger kids to see Santa.
I didn't think we would do that this year.
I don't like focusing on Santa as much as the Savoir.
And Master J and Miss K had been asking a
lot of questions concerning the subject.
But I felt that for Little Misses it would be a fun thing.
I asked who wanted to go, and the Little Misses did.
Miss K said, "It's not real."
I responded with, "I know, he's Santa's helper."
Master J didn't want to go, but changed his mind in the end.
I'm really wanting to keep the magic alive as long as possible.
Kids have to grow up so fast.
If you could hear the stories they come home with (the older kids),
you would want to keep them young as long as possible.

Master J has learned a lot this year about holiday traditions around the world.
It has opened his eyes to other cultures, but has also brought up questions.
Why La Befana come give presents to kids in Italy?
Why does Santa look different in different countries.
They learned about Ethiopia, Hanukkah, Russia, and other places.

We really love the tradition of Santa.
Santa even brings stocking stuffers to the adults.
I hope he finds Glamorous Graduate, since she isn't at home this year.

I do have to tell the story from the second year we lived up here.
Glamorous Graduate was in 5th grade.
Cheerful Cheerleader was in 3nd.
And Master A was in Kindergarten.
We took them all to see Santa.
We were all so amazed at how much he knew.
He knew where we lived and asked if the kids
were going to be here or with their dad for Christmas.
They were so amazed that he knew their names,
where they lived, and that they might be at their dad's.
It amazed us as well.

Before and after dinner, I got laundry folded and put away.

Then we went caroling.

We love to go each year.
We will pick a few people and take a goodie or other thing.
This year we made toilet paper snowmen wrapped in
cellophane, put on google eyes and construction paper for noses and coal.
Then we put a not on that read:

Money is scarce and times are hard,
So I'm giving you this instead of a card.
Something to use, something to share,
So bottoms up! Just cause we care!

My sweet sister in law (married to my baby bro)
made one for us, and I just had to copy!

Now the kids are sleeping in the front room down stairs.
Well, watching a movie until they pass out from exhaustion.
I'm off to wrap more presents.
Then it is time to sleep for sure!

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