Monday, February 6, 2012

FHE/You really listened?

For FHE tonight we went over the poster Master J
got Sunday from the Primary President.

My Gospel Standards.

We discussed each part and how we can live by that principle.
For example: If we are watching TV and a show comes
on that makes us feel scared, or yucky, or just uneasy,
then we will turn it off.

Afterward, Miss K was writing on a paper.
She was diligent and wouldn't stop, even to get ready for bed.
After a while, I was ready for her to get in bed.
I took away her pencil and saw what the deal was.
She was copying the poster.
She wanted a poster just like Master J, so she was making one of her own.

I really love it when I see that they are listening
to what we teach in a lesson setting.
They might copy our examples (even some we don't want them to copy).
But to hear and see them doing something we tell them to do, is so rewarding.
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