Monday, July 16, 2012

Picnic in the Canyon

We went up the canyon Thursday for a picnic.  We were going to do a cook out, but with the fire danger, we decided just a picnic would be fun.
While we waited for cousins to arrive, I took a few pictures of random things.
crazy lookin yellow bug

Then the kids played with cousins before sitting down to eat.

They played and had a fun time afterward.
It was a great evening.
Not too hot, not too windy.
I love being outdoors.
And family makes it even better.
Miss K climbing down the hill. Don't ya love the shoes?!

Ragin' Reader's funny face

Misses A and K

The Little Misses D, S and E

Little Misses D and E "rock climbing" 

Shoes, who needs 'em?

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