Friday, April 5, 2013

Hamburgers I finally love

Growing up I hated hamburgers. They were just yucky. I hated when we would go out to eat at fast food places, because that was all that was on the menu. Then in junior high school, a major fast food franchise came out with chicken nuggets for a Oriental campaign they were doing. I had found something I could order and be happy with.
Well, about 7 years ago we went on a camping trip to Flaming Gorge with the extended family. There was a meal we were in charge of, and we decided to do hamburgers. S
o on the way to the "Gorge", we stopped at my sister's grocery store where my other sister worked in the meat department. I had ordered some hamburger patties and she was going to have them ready for us. A few nights later when we cooked them, I tried one, and they were delicious!!!
On the way back home, we picked up another order for a brother in law (as he loved them, too).
Well, not too long ago, I decided to ask my sister how I could make hamburgers that tasted as good as the ones she had made. She was no longer working for our other sister, so I thought she might divulge the secret.
It's Not a big secret at all!
The past few summers I have purchased hamburger when it goes on sale in those humongous packages. I take it home. Separate it into 2 pound sections.
Then start mixing. Add one package of onion soup mix and one egg to 2 pounds of hamburger. Mix together with your hands. Yuck! I know, but works the best. You can also add the following: Worcestershire Sauce, Cheese of any kind, Liquid Smoke, A-1.
Form the hamburger into patties. I usually make them just about as big as a bun and at most half an inch thick. Now cook.
I will also freeze them for later, separating the patties with wax paper.

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