Monday, June 2, 2014

Mission Accomplished!

Miss Katia can finally ride a bike!
She has been quite timid about the whole thing.
This past September, a friend, Talia (age 4 at the time), taught Delta and Emma how to ride.
She simply told them to push off and start peddling.
So that is what Delta and Emma told Katia.
She has been sorta working on it the past month.
By sorta, I mean trying it once or twice.
This week, with school being out, I told her she had a chore.
This chore was to practice riding every day.  
She had to ride to each corner on our street twice!
I know, harsh!
But today she simply did it.  
This is basically all she has done since about 5:30.
Had to drag her in for dinner, and I'm about to drag her in for jammies.
 Maybe I'll let her go back out before bed.

I'm so excited for her! 
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