Sunday, September 11, 2016

Tender Mercies

You know those things/times that are crazy (trying to get the school routine figured out before it's spring) and you have this little thought pop in and just jump on it? {Those are RARE moments for me.}
Anywho... Last week was one of these weeks. Crazy everything. Exhausted from working in the yard and canning. Sunday was oh so needed!  Sacrament meeting was so thought provoking. Sunday school was great. Then Relief Society. Sitting down visiting with friends. The welcome and announcements. Time for the opening prayer. No one is up there ready to lead. What are we going to do? One second and I'm up there. I just jumped up.  The RS Pres was so thankful. I didn't even think about it. Just helping out. Fast forward to today. We were struggling to get there on time. My hands were shaking quite badly, but I had a thought of hairstyles for Delta and Emma I was determined to accomplish.  Finally got it done, teeth brushed, talks ready, off we go. 
I get there and the welcome remarks are going on. Announce the opening song. The organist is looking around. No one is up there to lead. Hey, I can do that. I jump up and go up there. I look to make sure I have the correct song, the organist plays the introduction, and off we go. Great song, turned out okay. We're good.
Then as I sit down for the prayer, I realized that three weeks ago the Ward Music Director had asked me to sub for her. Oops! So very grateful I had the experience just the previous Sunday so it was not a big deal to just get up.
Then in RS the music director wasn't there again, so I just got up again.
I do love music. I know it is a gift from Heavenly Father. I also know He gives us tender mercies to help us and let him know he loves us.

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