Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hurray! 6th Month Milestone!

We are now 6 months along. Hurray! I still have so much to do. I can't believe that January is already very much underway. I have finally started a list. This list of things will help keep me busy and make time go faster. Some of the things are normal, while others seem quite new and exciting. For example, preemie diapers. I didn't even know they made such a thing until a few years ago. We'll have to immediately open a package and compare them to the newborn diapers. The difference in the preemie and newborn clothes is quite amazing, so I assume that the diapers will be as well.

Today I had a doctor appt. The babies are doing well. Thing 1 is head down and weighs 1 lb 15 oz. Thing 2 is feet down and weighs 1 lb 13 oz. Their lungs are developing nicely and they both have adequate fluid. Last time he said that he was lucky to get a good picture of them, but this time he tried and couldn't. We'll have to wait until they're born to see them well. I now go every 2 weeks for the next two times, then every week.

I asked everyone for their ideas on what the babies will be. Here is what the children came up with:
Elyse: for sure one is a girl, and maybe one is a boy.
Julia: Both of them are girls.
Ari: Thing 1 is a boy, and Thing 2 is a girl.
You've all heard Jayden's, but: Thing 1 is a boy, and Thing 2 is a girl, but Thing 2 will be born first, because girls go first.

Here is what I received from the rest of you:
Grandpa Kirkham says that he goes with Jayden. Grandma Kirkham agrees.
Mimi and Papa also think one of each.
Dave said: Sorry Suz, but I have to agree with Jayden on this one. Does Katia have any thoughts on the subject? hahaha
Carrie says: I think one of each! :)
Lori thinks that a boy and a girl would be awesome, but they will probably both be girls.
And Russ's answer: I think that to figure this one out you need a non-subjective point of view as well as some of that "women's intuition" that has a tendency to be disturbingly accurate. What do your sisters and mom think?

Here is what Tony and I think. Tony thinks they're two babies. I really like the idea of a boy and a girl. A boy for Jayden and girl for Katia to play with. If this is what we get, then Thing 1 seems to be moving a little more than Thing 2, so Jayden and Ari could be right. Though this is not how it was prior to Thanksgiving. They both don't move very much, so Lori and Julia could be right and we will get two girls. My doctor did say that at 6 months, they are still too small to be making big movements. So, we'll see what the future weeks bring.

Thank you all for your input. It was fun to see what each of you thought.

Well, we have gotten a lot of snow. I love it. It really boosted my mood. I may take Katia and Jayden out to play in it later. Thanks to Russ and Dave for cleaning the snow away for us. It is much appreciated.
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Deb said...

Thanks for your comment earlier on my blog about singing time.

You look great for being 6 months along with twins! What an exciting time for your family!

Not sure where you are in Utah, but I hope it's been warmer for you than it has been for us here in the North end!

I love little Jayden's description that the girl baby (if there is one) will come first because girls go first! Just super cute!


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