Monday, September 15, 2008

Practicing the MOVES

This past week was such fun. Many things happened. But the one thing that was quite a blast, was watching Delta get up on her knees and try to go forward.

Emma is rolling everywhere, but her major milestone is being the eating pro. She will eat twice what Delta does. She also is more patient.

Yes, with all these things going on, life is a lot busier than before. I have to always keep the house picked up, and meals are more consuming. The thing that helps me keep on top of it, is getting up and moving early so that things are done when the kids get up. If dishes are put away, laundry started, me dressed, and breakfast done, then when they get up I can focus on them.
After Elyse and Julia leave, Jayden and Ari usually get up first, then Delta and Emma Beth, then Katia. This trickle is easy to deal with. Pin It

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