Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chores Made Easy

Today we found the easy way of mopping the kitchen floor. let me share it with you.

Step 1- Assign your preschooler the job of rinsing the lotion bottles out for recycling. (they love water so will jump on it)
Step 2- Leave the kitchen to go feed and change the baby(ies) and get them down for a nap.
Step 3- Have the older sibling come and join in the rinsing process.
Step 4- The children need to plug the sink and fill it all the way up.
Step 5- Now the children place their feet in the sink.
Step 6- While the water is still running, keep rinsing out the bottles and dump them either in the other sink or on the floor. Either way, with the running water and the feet in the sink, the floor will become thoroughly wet.
Step 7- After you have the baby(ies) down for a nap, go check on the progress. If the floor is not wet enough, turn around and don't let them know you saw them. If it is wet enough, have them shut off the water and get out off their wet clothes while you go grab all the available towels.
Step 8- Dry the floor with the towels (you may need to move the fridge for part of this process).
Step 9- hang clothes and towels to dry some before placing them in the laundry, or simply put them in the washer immediately.

Now, doesn't this sound like a speedy and easy way to mop the floor. Pin It


Becky said...

This sounds like you had quite a day. I'm amazed that you can see the positive fact that your floor was cleaned amongst the process. You are such an awesome mom!

Jessi Dawn said...

Oh, I totally LOVE this! Ha ha ha. I saw your comment on Cassandra's blog and thought I'd check out the blog of a mom of seven. :) Blessings!!


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