Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday Chores

Saturdays are busy and seem to mainly be filled with chores. Well this past Saturday I decided to try something new. I divided the chores up into 2 equal lists and then I had everyone draw names and split into 2 teams. It just happened to be girls against boys. We then set to work to see who could get done first. The girls just happened to win. I don't know if I will do this every week, but it sure worked last time.
Another thing that has worked for us is for each person to draw a chore. I place all the chores in a bowl and add in some fun things like playing a video game or building a
snowman. Then we all choose a chore to do and go on our way.
I have also done a treasure hunt or an egg hunt at Easter. The clues or egg could have a treat in it or a chore that will then lead to a treat. Pin It

1 comment:

Roeckers said...

You are a very sreative woman Suzanne! I will need to try that out on Saturday morning.


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