Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter Wonderland

I have loved the snow. There are always cons that go with it (wet floors, clothes, boots, cold fingers, icy roads), but the pros beat them out. First of all, the kids (Jayden and Katia) play out side more now than they did in the fall. I have tried to get Delta and Emma to play out with them, but they haven't figured out the snow suits yet. Today we invited Kaylee and Autumn over to play. they went out after lunch and I don't expect them in until nap time. Even with this wet snow that is falling, they are having a blast. They made a slide, then turned it into a snowman. Then they went into the back yard to play "house". Jayden loves to shovel the walks and drive. He also loves to make snow angels. Katia will go out when he does and she'll make paths in the snow or jump on the trampoline. (No, we haven't taken it down yet.) They will even play in the sand box or fort.
So I am praying for the snow to continue. Thankfully it looks like it will continue until after the Christmas break.
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