Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess

March 2nd. Dr. Suess' birthday. I love this day.
It is all about reading, and fun stories that you are asked to read over and over and over.
Until you have them memorized.
"Big A. Little a. What begins with A? Aunt Annie's alligator. A...A...A."

Since Little Miss E is sick,
and Little Miss D is starting to come down with the same thing,
I decided that we should just take it easy.
(I know, it shouldn't be tiring holding a sick 2 year-old, but it is.)
So I found a few things to keep the Misses busy.

The first place that I went was to:
What the Teacher Wants

I printed out a few of the activities I thought preschoolers could do and would enjoy.
The fish graph.
Big, bigger, biggest and small, smaller, smallest.

Then I found some coloring pages at:
Lucy Learns
The Cat's hat
A dot-to-dot
and just what the girls thought looked fun.

Then I went to:
Barnes & Noble
They have online story time each month.
I was very glad that Green Eggs and Ham was on the menu.

This was Cheerful Cheerleader's favorite book growing up
and has become Little Miss E's favorite.

Then I googled (yes, it's a verb) "Green Eggs and Ham"
and came across this site:
This site has fun games.
(I've been playing for a few minutes.)
Hopefully the kids will like it, too.
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Patty Ann said...

My girls always loved that one and "Marvin K. Mooney will you please go now!". Those have been favorites for years. We have some of our books going on 34 years now! There is nothing quite like a good book. Hope you are all feeling better soon.


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