Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pantry Organized (sorta)

We have a tiny pantry. Especially for the size of our family. But we have done a few things over the years to help fit the things we use every day.

One is to add shelves to hold everything.
We (by we I mean Sir Spoil-Her-Highness) added shelves for the bread, canned goods, and boxes of mixes.
Then we used the big boxes of oatmeal and bars to keep the oatmeal and snack items together and easily accessible. I empty the boxes of crackers, fruit snacks, and bars into that one box. This helps to save space. But that was getting kinda boring after a while.

After I checked out some of these AMAZING pantries,

Tatertots and Jello
The Letter Cafe
a little of this
House of Smith's
Decor Chick
Brown Paper Packages

I decided I could make it look awesome, even though ours is so small. So I started on it. I found some plastic containers at Shopko (less than half off) and some glass containers from Wal-Mart (about $5). Then I got to work on the Silhouette to make fun labels.
I used the border shape that came with the Silhouette and then used the Christie font.
Then I just changed the size to fit each container.

Then I found some baskets at Hobby Lobby to put the bags of cereal, baking chips, and chips in. As well as metal boxes for cocoa, popcorn, and season packets.

Now to get rid of all the evil contact paper and paint the inside. Then I think I will be happy with it.
But definitely check out the other pantries. They are AMAZING! Pin It


Mayzie said...

we need an "after" picture!! :) LOVE the glass jars.

Patty Ann said...

OH, I so need to do this! Love that you can find everything in it!


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