Friday, May 25, 2012

Growing Up!

All the children are growing up.
I have not been one to be sad about this fact.
I get so excited for new milestones.  I love them to walk.
I am so excited when they go to Sunbeams.
I am super happy for them to go to Kindergarten.
When Gorgeous Graduated graduated, I was ecstatic!
So the other day, when it was Cheerful Cheerleader's last day of school, I was so excited for her (she has one more year of HS).

Then it hit me, hard.
She only has one more year of HS.
Then the Little Misses will start Kindergarten the following fall.

The beginning of the year when the Little Misses went to sunbeams, I was quite sad.  
I was excited for them.
But I was also sad.  

I'm not sure if I am feeling the approaching empty nest.
Or if with having one graduated, I am sensing the next faze coming.
Everyone said I will be sad when they leave home.
I will be sad to not step on legos or barbie shoes.
That it will be hard not having walls  with crayon on them.
I'm now sure that it is true.
Not that I didn't believe them.
I just could see it.

So here is one of the things the Little Misses are doing that prove they are big.

Pumping on the swing.

This is one of those things that make me happy.  Now that I don't have to push for hours and hours.  I use to do yard work and push in between.  The yard will get done so much faster without having to stop every couple of minutes. Pin It

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