Monday, May 21, 2012

Solar Eclipse

We had so much fun yesterday watching the eclipse!
I was trying to figure out a way that the kids could see it.  Especially once we found out the next one won't be until 2023.
I tried getting a black piece of construction paper and soaking it with oil.  Remember making those stained glass pictures we made in elementary school.

That didn't work, so I tried white paper.  That didn't work either.

How I was wishing to live closer to my parents so we could borrow a welding helmet.

We did the paper thing with holes punched in it.  That was cool.

We also used a colander.  That was awesome!


 I tried using sun glasses to try and mute the sun.  Didn't work at all.

We loved how the shadows looked!


Then Uncle G came over 
baring a wonderful gift!  
Tinting leftover from a shell to the truck!

 If we folded it over 3 or so times, we could see super well

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