Saturday, March 2, 2013

I Must Confess, I Have a Fetish

 For these things.  You might have heard of them, they're called earrings.

 For the past year, Miss D has been asking to get her ears pierced.  I wasn't quite sure about this.  I did pierce the oldest Misses when they were quite small.  But have been waiting for the girls to take the lead on this.  So, since it has been a year, We finally decided to take the plunge.

Miss D
Miss K
Miss E decided not to get her's pierced, so we opted for clip-on's.
I reminded her that Grandma K never had her ears pierced, 
so it was just fine if she decided not to.
Grandma K has lots and lots of clip on earrings 
that were super fun, and you couldn't tell. 

Miss E

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