Saturday, May 17, 2014

What a Scare!

The Police station is right across the street from the school!

Yesterday morning was super busy.  We were getting kids ready for school and out the door.  Jayden left at 8:40.  Katia was about to leave at 8:50 when the phone rang.  It was a reverse 911 call saying the Elementary school was on  lock-down.
Talk about Freaking Out!!
Jayden was already gone, I told Katia, "Never Mind.  You are coming to running with me!"
We got the girls all ready to go to the church.  I was babysitting this morning.
As soon as we were ready to go, we got another call saying that the lock-down was lifted.  I told Katia that she WAS going to school. (I figured that it would be better to keep everyone's schedule the same.) Poor girl, she was so upset to miss playing with the kids.  But luckily her cousins were walking by at the same time, so I sent her with them.  That helped. 

As the morning went on, the story came to light.  A man came into the ER at the hospital next door to the school.  No other patients were in the waiting room.  Two Adult Probation Officers were there on a separate matter.  When they tried talking to him, he pointed a gun at one, so the officer shot him.  He was then stabilized, and flown out to another hospital.  The school was locked down just a precaution.

I'm not sure why, but even though I KNEW everything was okay and safe, I still felt uneasy the rest of the day.  I really just wanted to keep the kids  home and watch a movie or read books and snuggle on the couch.  But that would not have helped.
When I took the girls to kindergarten, I noticed that all the blinds in the classrooms were closed.  I saw a friend who teaches there, and what she said, it sounded like this was a great way to see what they had practiced in their drills put to use.  Everyone knew what to do.

I saw Jayden right after that, and he was like, "No big deal, Mom.  Can I go to lunch with my friends now?"
It was the best that it was a crazy busy day.  I helped in Delta and Emma's class.  Katia had a dance recital.  Jayden and Daddy went to the Father's and Son's camp out.  So it was a good and busy day.  I ended the night by reading. 

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