Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gerneral Conference Prep

Okay, so having a large family, I have to get ready for the little things (well, big things) like conference. I have come up with a list of things we need to accomplish as far as chores ans projects. I also printed out packets for the kids to color and do while listening. (Go to this link for some for your kids.) I also like to have fun food to eat, so the menu has to be done as I go shopping on Thursday and don't like going back too many times during the week. I also de-cluttered the front room so that it will be comfy for us to hang out in. Hurray! I have flat surfaces again! Now the only thing we can do is pray for the spirit to be there and hope we hear something that will help our family progress. Pin It


Becky said...

Hi. I'm impressed with how much work you have done to prepare for conference! I hope you enjoy it. I'm happy that we can watch it in Belgium over the internet! Thanks for the link for the activities.

Sherri - KaysvilleMomma said...

WOW!! I do always deep clean the living room the Friday before conference. What kind of fun foods do you have? I keep thinking that I need to implement a conference menu --- tradition...


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