Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin carving

This week we did the fun Halloween FHE. We carved pumpkins. We have been trying to fit it into our schedule since the beginning of the month. But here it is almost the end and we are just now getting to it. While at the store picking them out, I had the four little ones with me and 6 pumpkins in the cart. The bagger asked how many kids I had, and was glad that i had 7 and the other 3 were older so I wouldn't spend the whole week trying to carve jack-o-lanterns.
Well, one good thing is that the two carved ones got done in one night (it usually takes 2-3). and Zena was totally happy to paint hers pink and stick foamy shapes on it (no parent involvement needed, just supervision) . Ari thought that we should carve one for Emma and Delta (but I was happy to just assist the other kids and not HAVE to do one alone.
Elyse did an excellent job on hers. She wanted Jack Skellington and you cant just print a template for it because of licensing. So she just created her own. So awesome.
Ari wanted the Grim Reaper, and found something that was scary and easy.
Jayden cleaned his out and painted it and will carve it today sometime.
Julia read (the last book in the Twilight series) to finish up her pages for the trimester due the end of the month. She will work on hers after she is done (can't put the book down except to eat and sleep). Delta and Emma sat in their high chairs and watched for awhile, then I fed them and they went to sleep. Pin It

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