Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Getting to Church on Time

Sundays around our house are occasionally hectic.
I enjoy going to church. I feel at peace there. I feel uplifted there. Which is good, because the race before hand is tiring.
We have church at 9am now. This is my favorite time to have church. My second favorite time is 8am. I like starting the Sabbath out right and then coming home and being with my family.
This year I have an added challenge. Tony has meetings before church. This normally wouldn't have been a problem. But getting 4 youngsters ready by myself is a bit tiring. This past Sunday I tried getting up at 6:30. I showered, got dressed, and then Emma and Delta woke up. I nursed them, then started breakfast. I fed them and myself, then woke up the rest of the kids. At this point Tony returned home. I got my hair done, brushed my teeth, and put my make-up on. Then we both got the little ones dressed. As soon as one was dressed, I would do their hair. Then get coats on and head out the door.
You know, now that I write (type) it out, it doesn't seem like such a challenge. So why has it been hard to make it to church? Maybe because I am leaving out the messes, The little ones who need held, the fights to get everyone up, the fights to get everyone to eat, the fights to get everyone to get dressed, the messy faces and hands, the wiggly heads. Okay, so that seems like a challenge.
But once I get to church and am sitting on the pew listening to the music being played by the organist, all the morning's issues melt away. I am glad I made it. I am grateful to feel the peace. Pin It


Cherie said...

Susan, you do awesome! I only have the two and we struggle to get to church on time! But you are right! It is awesome! Only I usually don't "feel" how wonderful it is until the kids are in primary and I'm in Sunday school and not worrying about keeping them quiet! lol

Becky said...

You are amazing! That is a lot of work you do on Sunday morning. I'm glad that you do it and then get to feel happy at church. How are you all doing? I haven't talked with you in a while. I hope you are doing well. I can't imagine how much energy you are constantly expending to keep up with your family. I'm always impressed with you and all that you do as a mother.


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