Monday, February 2, 2009

Music in our home

I love music. All kinds. I love singing, playing, and listening to music. All of our children love music. Elyse took piano and violin, Julia took viola and piano, and Ari took violin. Jayden has been wanting to learn to play some Star Wars songs. Mainly the Imperial March. I've taught him a few easy things like Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater. Well, Jeanette and I have decided to teach the kids to read using this method.
What I've done is make a key to go behind the keys starting with A as red and continuing on through all the colors of the rainbow except indigo, and ending with G as brown. I cut 3/4 in strips of cardstock and colored each one with matching colored squares to coordinate with the notes color. Then I wrote some songs in treble clef only and in C so flats and sharps won't have to be worried about.
This has been a fun thing for all the kids. Even Ari has played the piano more often. He had gotten to the point of saying that he hated playing music, and now I have to tell him to give someone else a turn. Pin It

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