Friday, February 27, 2009

Modivating the youngins

The kids (especially Ari and Jayden) have messy rooms occasionally. They will get to the point where it is too overwhelming to even attempt.
Well, I finally had an idea that worked so well, the kids asked me to do it again. I gave them 15 minutes and said it was a race to see who could show the most improvement in their room before the timer beeped. Katia even joined in (I helped her). When it came time to judge, I was so amazed at the progress that each had made, I called it a tie and they all got the reward. The boys usually go play or fight instead of cleaning, so this was so awesome. Today they are even playing happily together. And since the reward was candy, it won't get eaten by me. Pin It


lara said...

Ah, I don't ya love it when you find something that works to moviate the little ones!

famr_4evr said...

Yes, sometimes I can definitely see Heavenly Father helping me with our kids. So very grateful.


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