Sunday, October 25, 2009

How to keep up with the diapers., and keep your sanity.

Okay, so having twins is a lot of work. Plus it costs more than having one. So to start off with I don't buy the most expensive diapers. I watch the sales and coupons, and when the two mesh, I am so happy.
Well, this month diapers were on sale and there was a coupon. Luvs diapers were 15.99 a case and there was a $1 off coupon to boot. Hurray!! I used all 6 of my coupons and the 2 that Dear sis-in-law, didn't need. Now there isn't much under their bed except diapers. (This does help with keeping toys from being lost under the bed.) Tony thinks they will last until next year. I hope they will last until Christmas.
Having a stock pile helps. I have only run out twice in the past 19 months. That is a major feat. Then to make sure that I don't spend all my time changing diapers, if I change one, I change the other.
There is also some outside help. For example, Delta tells me when she needs a diaper change by telling me "I poopy." She wants changed right away. Emma is usually on the same schedule. I also change them right after they wake up, right after breakfast, before lunch, after nap, before bath, and before bed. Having a sorta schedule has helped me keep on top of it and keep rashes to a minimum. Especially for Emma, who has sensitive skin.
I also Used a diaper changing station. It was on the dresser. Tony made me a shelf to house the diapers, wipes, bags for keeping the smell down, tissues, and little things on the top. This was by the dresser. I also started a little game with them when they were a couple months old. I would play peek-a-boo. When I would take off their pants I would put them on their face and wonder, "Where is Delta?" or Where's Emma?" Then take off the pants and find them. Now they play this game with me. It also keeps their hands away from the "work area".
Another thing I have done is kept a special toy on the shelf to pull down just during diapering time. Singing songs works great as well. That was how I found out what their favorite songs are. When I would sing that specific song, they would either become excited, or just watch me intently.
Finding these little tricks makes changing diapers easier and less traumatic. there is still the struggle at times, but not like it could be with twice the diapers to change. Pin It


Jeanette said...

Hmmm...singing songs, maybe I should try that. I do the peek a boo thing with Samantha. Lately she has been a pill when I change her diaper!

famr_4evr said...

That's funny. She was great yesterday when I changed her. Isn't that how it always goes!?!


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