Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Swim Bag Instructions

I finally have these done. Of course I had to wait until the very last minute before I needed them for craft night. I did have them done yesterday morning, but I could have done them sooner, but here they are. Enjoy.

These make it so nice to go swimming. the kids can all carry their own stuff. Hurray!

Here’s what you need to get started:
1/2 yard of fabric, thread, cutting mat, straight edge, rotary cutter, lighter, 2 yards of 1 inch webbing, pet screen cut 14 X 32 inches, and a sewing machine.

Step 1:
Begin by cutting fabric into the following widths:
2 of 1.5 inches, 1 of 6 inches and 9 inches
Then cut the 6 and 9 inch pieces in half at the fold.

Step 2:
Next iron the fabric 1/4 inch on each cut edge.

Step 3:
Cut the webbing in half, then with the lighter, melt the ends to prevent fraying.
Now sew the strap pieces of fabric onto the webbing along the edges.Trim ends of fabric.

Step 4:
Position the straps to the pet screen about 3 inches in from sides with pins, matching up both sides. Secure in place with a zigzag stitch, repeating several times.

Step 5:
Place the 6 inch piece of fabric over the straps and stitch along top and bottom edges. Repeat on other end. At this point you can add trim along the top if you desire.

Step 6:
Now place 9 inch pieces of fabric down a couple of inches from 6 inch piece. Sew in place. Repeat on other side.

Step 7:
Turn inside out and sew along edges about 3/8 inch. Trim excess fabric. (The excess can be used to make a bag to hold sunglasses or other such items.)

Step 8:
At bottom of bag, fold the corners to make a point/triangle. Sew along the bottom of the triangle at the edge of the fabric.

Turn your bag right side out and “voila”, you’re done.
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Momof3 said...

Do you have a finished picture? I'm a visual girl and can't quite see it done in my head. BTW enjoy your blog

famr_4evr said...
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famr_4evr said...

Thanks. I'm glad you asked me that. I didn't even think of it. I will post a pict.
I love your blog also. Especially the making your home a home for your family. It has me trying harder.


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