Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Okay, now that I have calmed down, I will share with you this little trial I experienced.
The past few months we have been putting all the markers up, high. Even the Crayola ones. Delta and Emma have taken to coloring on everything. The walls, floors, all papers, even their clothes.
Well, with Christmas, the kids have been coloring, wrapping, making, and writing on tags. This was what happened. Jayden was using the permanent markers to draw a picture.
Then he used the markers to make the tag. The rest of us were of course busy with our own projects. The markers didn't get put away.
In walk Delta and Emma.
"Look there! It's an orange marker. Let's do our own project. Hmmmm..... What should we write on? Our hands! Okay, now what? Our stomachs! Now what? Our shirts! Look how bright it looks on our white shirts. So pretty. Look Daddy. See our pretty shirts!"
Well, luckily it came off of their skin easily.
So, how do you get permanent marker off of white shirts? I did some google searching.
Here is what we tried:
WD40. We sprayed on of the shirts with WD40. The other we sprayed with Zout pre-treat stuff. Then we soaked them over night in the washer with laundry soap and an additive.
Here is the result:

I was amazed!! And happy.
I had worried about getting them white shirts anyway. I will think twice as long next time. But I love the saying on them. So what do you do?!? Well, first of all, keep an eye on the markers. Second, don't freak out like I did. Then grab the WD40, spray it on the marker, then wash (maybe even soak over night). And lo and behold, it will come out. Now to go do the other shirt. Pin It

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Linda @ Craftaholics Anonymous said...

Wow! So cool it came out! great trick. Hey just stoppin by to remind you about my Stumped Party tomorrow. Mr. Mclinky goes live tonight at 10pm est. Link up anything that's got you stumped. It's a anything goes party. Hope you can make it!


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