Sunday, December 27, 2009


I have been amazed at how mature Ari has been. While the teenage years (he's 11 and a half) bring selfishness, he has been thinking of his siblings and what they would love for Christmas. He talked about what to get Elyse for 3 weeks. Then he was so excited Christmas Eve about presents. Because he wanted to see how excited everyone would be to open what he got them. He told me, "I can't wait until tomorrow. You are going to love what I got you!"
Then he also wanted to get something for his friend. So after getting some gift cards, he used some of the money to buy a gift for him. Then couldn't wait to give it to him.
He has also been so loving and helpful with the twins. Holding Emma for over an hour when she woke up early from her nap. That way I could keep sewing. He will even play Barbies with them, and push them in their car. He'll make sure that they don't get picked on. He also gets them drink and snacks to help with their happiness level.
I am so grateful for him and hope that he continues to be this way, making sure that others are taken care of. Pin It

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Christina said...

What a sweet kid! I think having little ones around brings out the best in the older ones.


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