Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Organizing the Medicine Cabinet

Our medicine cabinet was quite a sight!! It was hard to find most things. The only thing we could find, was the cough drops, ibuprofen, and the vitamins. So as I have been going through, de-cluttering, and organizing closets and cupboards, I attacked the medicine cupboard.
So, following the idea of my sweet sister-in-law, I purchased some small, handy white plastic baskets for organizing. Now, she sorted the meds according to the person it was intended. But with 9 people, I decided to sort according to what the med was for. So I put the pain relievers/fever reducers in one. Stomach stuff in another. And cold and allergy in another. Then the vitamins are all together, the cough drops, and the first aide supplies (which go on the top shelf, so that band-aides are out of reach of the climbers!)
The other side of the cupboard is the candy/craft-stay-out-of/juice container/stuff cupboard. I used the longer plastic bins for candy, craft things (like glitter glue), and seed packets. Then there is a long skinny one for scissors. And a small one for household repair stuff.

So thanks to JK for the great idea. This has helped make my medicine cabinet less of an avalanche zone. And since then, I've been able to find what I need quite quickly. Pin It


Patty Ann said...

Oh no! Now I might actually have to go through MY cabinet. I have the avalanche thing going on all the time. Great idea with the little baskets. I guess I need to make a trip to the dollar store!

Linda said...

Yea for organizing! It feels great doesn't it!? Well, I've head it does anyway. I'd have to organize something to find out I guess.

Jeanette said...

Looks really great!! I bet it feels nice to open it and know exactly where your stuff is too!!

Anonymous said...

What a good idea! I need to do this. I'm terrible at organizing things.



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