Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's

I have been going in super fast mode for the past few weeks trying to get everything in order so we can put our house on the market. So this morning I decided to take it easy and sat down to catch up on some reading. As I've been reading, and sitting, and just taking it easy, I can't believe how tired I am.
But I wanted to make this April Fool's Day a treat for J who is 6 and loves to play/tell jokes.
So here is what I did:
I put pink food coloring in the bottom of his cereal bowl. When he started eating it, the milk turned pink. He was surprised. Then when I said, "April Fools," he was excited.
For lunch I told him we would be having cupcakes. He thinks that was a joke. And it is, sorta. We are having meatloaf in the shape of cupcakes, with colorful mash potatoes on top.

After school snack will be the gelled juice.
I watched all this yesterday on Studio 5, then went to for the ideas.

And to add to all the fun, the weather didn't want to be left out, so we woke up to about 6 inches of snow. DD 16 was NOT happy!

And for those of you like to know why we celebrate this silly day, here is what I found on a quick search. Kinda strange, but fun all the same. Pin It


Mostly Diane said...

ow cute!!! I love the meatloaf cupcakes. Have to try something like that.

Handsfullmom said...

Cute ideas -- I love the mashed potato cupcakes.


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