Friday, September 24, 2010

Did that really happen!??!

Today was one of those "blah" days. I was kinda tired from the little girls waking up during the night. (I hope they outgrow the acid-reflux thing soon!) So I spent the morning sitting on the couch reading (The 6th book in The Sister's Grimm series). Then changed laundry. (Hurray!!! Only one load today!) I cleaned the kitchen and front room. We watched Sesame Street. I made lunch.
After I went with DS "Areo" to do baptisms. When we got home, "Sweet Senior" was wanting to go out, and asking for her allowance. I told her I had to go to the store to get stuff and would get change for allowance. So I left all but "Little Miss D" at home with "Sweet Senior", and the two of us went to get some groceries. While there I bumped into a good friend in the produce dept. I asked how she had gotten away without any one, then she asked how I got away with only one. While getting the needed fruits and veggies, I noticed that it seemed part of Sweet Miss D's french braid had been chopped.


Now, the other girls didn't have any hair til about 3 years old,
so I have been LOVING the little ones having hair!

Anyway, together my friend and I assessed the damage.

I was so freaked!
I called home, told Sweet Senior the deal.
(She had been babysitting,
or something, while I was with Areo).
She gave me the number to the salon.
I called them and asked if our hairdresser could fit her in.
She was busy, but another gal could do it.
It will be okay.
So I said good-bye and thanks to my friend.
(How did she happen to be there when I needed her?)
I checked out, got in the car.
(Good thing I was just in the produce section when this was
discovered and all could be left in the car)
and raced (well, went straight to) the salon.
After Little Miss D knocked over all the hair styling stuff for the 4th time,
our gal was ready for her.
She tried to just trim and even out, but it was too obvious,
so she did a cute A-line cut.
Little Miss D cried and wanted Mom to hold her.
"Sorry, I want this to turn out. But I'll hold your hands."
After it was cut, and styled, she got a sucker, and we headed for home.

Funny thing is, I've been seeing this coming for a while. I've kept the scissors on top of the fridge. When I went to get my hair cut, I told both the Little Misses D & E that I was going to a professional. That I didn't cut my own hair. That if they wanted a hair cut, to tell me and I would make them an appointment. They have been the WORST with scissors. Cutting books and magazines. Wanting to help with coupons. Always asking for scissors and paper to cut. I've given them the chance to use them so it wasn't a foreign thing or a novelty
(that's what I did with all of the kids, starting at 18 months).
So why is it that these two have been so HORRIBLE with them??

But the worst part of this:
She also cut her sister's hair.
Right on the top!!
That one will be harder to wait for.
We will be experimenting over the weekend.
Hopefully this will be a fun adventure in hair!
And not a major trial that sends me crying on the toilet every morning.

The best things: I am so grateful for my friend for being there. To Heavenly Father for having her there, and for helping to prepare me, so that I wouldn't just break down and cry. I am so blessed that we could get it sorta fixed. Now to wait for it to grow a bit, then re-cut it.

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