Thursday, October 7, 2010

How Spoiled am I?

I am the most spoiled wife in the world!
Today, when my Sweetheart came home for lunch,
He asked if I wanted a distraction.
"Do you want a distraction from sewing?"
You mean, more than the three little girls that are running around?
So, thinking that he had something that he needed my help with,
I said, "Sure. What do you need?"
While I was starting lunch, he went out to his car.
He came in carrying two boxes.
I wondered what project he had.
He said, "Happy I Love You."
He set them on the table.
I started opening the smaller one, which was on top.
Then I noticed a word on the larger box.

A Silhouette!!
I was so amazed! I even started crying!
I know, some people cry over the amazing things their kids do.
Not me, I cry over wonderful gifts from an amazing Husband!
Okay, so I do cry over the amazing things my kids do.
But this was so unexpected!
He said, "This is for all the wonderful things you do."
I can't believe how kind and thoughtful he could be.
I told him the only surprises I give him, is having clean socks in his drawer.
He says he knows, and that with all the other things going on, that is a truly amazing surprise.

He then went to make lunch while I checked out all the goods.
My mind began spinning. What to do first?
Well, I started by trying out just cutting paper.
I cut out the Trick or Treat. (99 cents on their site)
And then I proceeded to get it off the mat, while having help from one of those little girls.
Well, needless to say, it didn't turn out very well, but it was a fun first thing to do.
I'll try again tonight.
Maybe this time with vinyl.

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Handsfullmom said...

What a sweet gift! Happy crafting.

Mayzie said...

GAAHH!! I am so Jealous!! :D:D YAY Tony!!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Hey congrats!!!

Roeckers said...

JEaloUs!! WOW!! I know who I am going to visit when I am in town next time!!! Craft day at your house!!!

maren said...

that is so sweet, I think if my husbutt did domething like that the shock would be so great I'd not survive it.
will it cut out the little vinyl people you see on the back windows of cars? I want my back car window covered with them. if is does that, I will pay you to do it for me

Saimi said...

Wow!!! What a super sweet surprise and what a wonder loving husband!!

Have fun with your new toy!!

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Oh my goodness... that's incredible! Oh happy day for you! Enjoy!


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