Friday, October 22, 2010

There's No Place Like Home (with kids under foot)

So, this summer was hard for me. I got burned out all the time. I just wanted to escape into my books. But There were four young children who needed me. I would make breakfast. Then after starting laundry, go get a book and read. I would let the kids watch TV or play or whatever.
Then, after feeling so bad for the lack of excitement of the summer, and counting down until the girls go to kindergarten, I knew I needed a change. How would it be in a few years, when they are in school and I was missing them, if I hadn't had some fun times to remember.
So, as I stated, I have decided to enjoy being home with them.
I began by praying to love being a mom of little kids. That has helped the most.
I started playing with the girls. After I send Big Man J off to school, I sit down on the floor and read or play with them. I don't start laundry (even though it's calling me). I don't clean the kitchen (even though it needs it). I just hang with the girls. I have to remind myself that it will still be there. And they won't.
I was just letting them roam. This was causing all kinds of mayhem. Buckets of water dumped in the carpet. Piddle puddles all over. Steakers running around. Pee-pee clothes lying everywhere. Books scattered around the front room. Monkeys climbing all the surfaces.
I also have one activity a day for them. We used to go to the park before it got too cold. But one day whilte I was cutting out costumes, I let them cut strips of fabric. I made extra copies of printouts for the Primary lesson and let them color. We made cookies together. I had them help me scrub the bath room.
The beginning of the month, at Relief Society, we were sharing our favorite things. After we were visiting. One of the ladies brought up that her favorite time of day was disappearing. We asked what that was. She said it was nap time. Well, I haven't had nap time for a year now. That could be one reason why I get burned out on kids. I don't get that break. I do make them watch a movie and rest for a bit. That gives me a minute to veg.
So, I have been reading all your wonderful blogs and will be copying all your wonderful ideas you share (thanks ahead of time).
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Patty Ann said...

I love naptime. We have always called it "rest time" though. It makes it so much easier. The rule is, everyone has to stay in their room for whatever time is reasonable. For me, it is the length of a movie. You must stay in your bed until the movie ends. You can choose to read during this time, but you cannot get out of bed. If you make a mess, or get out of bed, the movie goes off and you still get to have a "rest time". Mom takes rest time in her room until the timer (alarm) goes off. This was the best thing I ever implemented EVER!!! Even now that they are bigger they all understand what rest time means. It means mom gets a break and that she is happy and cheerful when she gets up. We always found a timer or alarm works best because than they know it won't last forever. I have so much more patience when I am not tired!!

Roeckers said...

R-man is quite demanding when M is taking a nap. So to fillful my motherly calling in life we do a craft/project 2-3times a week during this time. It can be as simple as making a thousand puzzles, or letting him work out of his school book (a big thick work book I got at Sam's) or we cut out shapes and make pictures, or color or we make a mommy craft (his favorite!!). This helps him feel special.
I also "disappear" once the big kids get home. I take 30minutes right after they get home and lock my room. I usually read or lie in bed with white noise blaring. Then I feel I can better cope with homework rushing to get dinner on the table and then off to soccer, achievement days, or Young woman's. I don't do it every day but 2-3times a week. It is amazing what that little time does!

Deb said...

Any day that we're all home, we have "quiet time." (My kids are 10 1/2 and 7). They can choose to watch a movie, read a book, draw, color, play QUIETLY with toys, etc. but must stay in their rooms (barring emergencies, of course, lol) until we say quiet time is over (usually between and hour and 90 minutes).

It was harder to stick with when they were younger though!

I think the kids actually look forward to the break from each other as much as having rested and happy parents!


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