Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July Shirts

Each year we love to do something fun for us (or atleast the kids) to wear.
Sometimes this is a matching shirt or some thing.
Last year it was skirts and hair pretties.
This year it was shirts.

To start off with, we found a shirt we could copy from Cafepress.

Then we purchased shirts to iron onto (mainly from Kohls).

Pulled up the Silhouette software.

Found some fonts I liked.
(Rockwell Extra Bold for "America" and Microsoft Sans Serif for "all" & "boy")

Then added some stars.

Reversed the image.

Cut out "America" on blue.
And "all" & "boy" in red.

Here is the finished product:

So of course we made some for the whole family!

The girls wore their skirts and hair bows from last year.
Jayden, poor kid, was the only small boy.
You can tell this from the above photo.

And they were a hit!!

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1 comment:

Patty Ann said...

Love this idea. I have found that the shirts are cheap in the multiple packages. I think they turned out great!


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