Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Things I Wish I had Known

I'm not sure how this post is going to go, so for those of you who don't need to read a downer, maybe just skip this post and come back later after I vent.
Thank you!

Okay, so I'll start off with some background info.
To start off with, if you don't know, this is my second (and favorite) marriage.
My job title is The Queen of the Castle.
Child support DOES actually go to the children, even though it is the mom who receives it.
You don't have to have a lawyer for a child support modification case.
It is pretty cut and dried.

So, now for the story:
About 18 months ago we modified child support.
This was when Cheerful Cheerleader went to live with her dad.
He thought that I could just send him some of the money he paid for support back to him.
I told him we hadn't had child support adjusted for a while and I was sure that it would be increased since he was making more.

Well, Gorgeous Graduate (pka Sweet Senior) graduated this year.
This means that child support doesn't need to be paid for her.
Her dad was going to have her dropped.
He figured that since he has one and I have the other,
this makes us even for child support.
Well, since I don't have an income and he does,
then child support is still paid.
(Think of what happens when it is joint custody
and the kids spend 50% of their time with each parent.)
So I said we should just see what the judge says.

In come the lawyers!!
We haven't had a lawyer before.
We haven't felt we needed it.
(Even my cousin, who is representing me, said we don't need one.)
But apparently they did.

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