Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Swim Lessons

Last summer I didn't do swim lessons at all.
Not sure why.
Surely two 2 year olds wouldn't make it rough.
But needless to say, they did great even with the break.

Swim lessons this year were at a pool where afterward you could swim.
This made it even more fun.
We would take a snack and play in the water.
Sir Spoil-Her-Highness said that it's strange to think of food near the pool.
He was a lifeguard and there was no food aloud on the deck.
A big no-no!

Master J did great.

He learned a lot of new skills.
The Little Misses had a blast.
Little Miss D was swimming by the end of the summer.

Little Miss E was fearless.

Same with Miss K.

And that was the main activity for the summer.
We didn't camp or anything.
Just swam pretty much everyday.

The last session they were joined by their cousins.
That made it even more fun.

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