Thursday, March 8, 2012

Keeping Children Safe

Spring is on it's way. This means that the kids will be playing outside more. It also means that we need to empower them so they can be safe.

I read this book earlier this month.

I'm not sure why this story touched me so much, but it did.
It might be because I remember this being on the news.
I remember how horrible it was and I was just a kid.

Our family started taking measures to keep us safe.
One thing we did as a family is have a secret password.
It was one that we were all familiar with.
"Peanut Butter"
This is how the password worked:
If my mom sent someone else to pick us up and we didn't have prior knowledge, they would have the password.
It helped to make sure we were only picked up by someone who was asked by our parents.
The trick that this helped to alleviate was if someone told us that our mom was hurt and they were sent by her to get us from school or sports or a friend's house.
The password was never needed, but we had it, just in case.

This year I have had to be more aware of what dangers are around.
We have a 13 year old, 8, almost 6, and two almost 4.
I think the main reason I have been more worried is because the 8 year old is now going places on his own. This wasn't done before. He is more of a home body.
It has been great to start talking more about personal safety with them. (Kinda scares me about the littlest)

A few tips we give the kids is:
  • Stay on the sidewalk. If an adult stops and asks you a question from their car, stay on the sidewalk. Do Not go over to the car.
  • Travel in packs. If you are walking someplace, go with friends. Stick together. Keep each other safe.
  • If you are riding your bike, keep a good hold on it. If someone stops and is talking to you, don't get off your bike. It is harder for someone to take you if they have to carry your bike too.
  • If someone does try to take you, kick and scream and hit and bite. Do what ever you can to get away from them. Yell that they are not your mom or dad. Call for help.
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