Friday, March 16, 2012

Sickies for a Week

The first part of March, we had a houseful of sick people. Everyone except me, was sick. It was so tiring. And not just for me. The kids basically watched movies, slept, and read.

When we finally started getting everyone well, there was major catch up that needed done.

For starters, laundry and dishes had piled up.

Even with the new washer and dryer it took two whole days.
And the rest of the house needed major help.
Bathrooms scrubbed.
Sheets changed.
Windows washed.
Floors vacuumed or mopped.
Dusting and just some major picking up.

So after I was exhausted from taking care of the sickies, I was exhausted from cleaning the house.
And I sure felt bad for everyone who was sick, and am very grateful to have escaped the illness.
I can't wait until the coughing stops. And until the littlest Misses sleep all through the night.

But we did get some snow, and that sure makes me happy. And Master J, too.

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