Friday, August 5, 2016

But What if I Wanted to Do Something?

So this has been a long, hard week. 
I have been reading a ton! I finally started reading some books by Traci Hunter Abramson. I really enjoy them. She used to work for the CIA, but then stayed home with her children.  Any way, she's pretty good.
So yeah, been reading. Not sure if it helps to lay around reading, but it's been hard to concentrate on much, do much. O know I need to have some down time. I know I am lucky (Blessed really) that I have learned to work through the pain. I am blessed with an amazing husband who makes breakfast everyday. Who comes home and doesn't care what the house looks like, but will just jump in and start helping.
But what if I wanted to do something? What if I wanted to sew? What if I wanted to work on the basement? What about that?
I did finally get up Thursday afternoon and scraped the floor in the bathroom since we are going to be tiling it.
That felt good. Then not good later. But I was done doing nothing.  Of course I paid for it today. Oh well. I read another book and watched the opening of the Olympics.

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