Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Easy Summer/After School Snack.

So I'm getting exhausted! These late nights after busy-go-go-go-and-do days are wearing me out.
To the point where what ever you want to eat is fine with me.
Chips? For lunch? Sure, go ahead.
Ramen noodles for breakfast? And lunch? And dinner? Okay.
So when I came across this post on Instagram, I was very intrigued. It reminded me of how the beginning of summer looked. And I think I can still do nothing and it will work. Slushies made with apple juice and strawberries! Brilliant!
Because let's face it, I have no energy left for super awesome snacks!
So, yeah, head over to http://www.tipsfromatypicalmomblog.com/2016/08/ad-organize-fridge-freezer-back-school.html
You will be glad you did!

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