Saturday, March 29, 2008

3 1/2 days old

Delta Tae

Emma Beth
The last few days have been hectic. As most of you know, Delta Tae and Emma Beth are now in the NICU. It has been up and down for them. They were both put in the tanning bed for jaundice.

Emma Beth tanning with ski goggles

Tae in the tanning bed (bilirueben light)

Today they are both out. They are both on oxygen.

Emma 2 days old
Emma started out not eating on her own, and we use a technique called SNS. This is where she is given her binkie and then you place a tube beside it in her mouth, and slowly put milk in her mouth for her to swallow. She is now eating on her own and doing very well at it. Her oxygen levels will sometimes go down when she eats. We've found that if we let her set the pace, then she will do better. She currently weighs 4lbs12oz, which is not bad, and it continues to rise now. Last night she stayed awake for about 90 minutes and I just enjoyed her as long as I could before putting her in the tanning bed. I hated having to put her ski goggles on while she was still awake, but she has been out for 45 min and should have gone back in after just 30.

Delta Tae has an IV in for her nutrients as well as a tube in her stomach. She is starting to improve. She has a long road ahead of her. She has not eaten for longer than a day. She had suction to remove anything in her stomach. This has been turned off. She is going to start trying Pedialyte this after noon. She will then try a formula which is already digested to see how she does with that. Then I can start feeding her again. Her last weight was 4lbs13oz. I finally got to hold her again today for a while. This was so good!! She stayed awake for just a few minutes. Then I just held her for as long as I could before going home.
It has been good to sleep in my own bed. I feel that I may catch up on my sleep. I also am glad to be with my family more. I am going to the hospital every 6 hours to feed Emma Beth and to pump. Then I just pump every three hours between that and take it to the hospital with me.
Well I will let everyone know how things are going. Don't forget to watch the YW General Broadcast tonight on KBYU at 8:00. I am so excited for Elyse, and for Julia who gets to go. Elyse looked so great. And for those of you who want to try and watch out for her, she has on a salmon colored shirt and is singing first soprano.

Love you all and I'll update soon. Pin It

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