Wednesday, March 19, 2008

One Week to Go!!

We are now in the time crunch period. Whatever we don't get done now, will have to either not get done, or wait for awhile.

On Monday I set up the cradle. Jayden and Katia keep going and looking at it and talking about how the babies will sleep in there. The only other thing I have to get done now is to do is finish packing my suitcase. Some of the things have to wait until THE day, but I at least have a list of things just in case Tony has to do the packing. Then the phone list of who to call. And then we'll be set.
Tuesday I went to have another non-stress test and the babies are both doing very well. Friday I will go to the doctor and make the final plans for getting these little ones here. I think that he is as anxious to get them here as we are. My last appointment the gal who sets up the next appt asked if we still didn't know what we were having. We said that we didn't, but the the Dr. did. He happened to walk by and so I told him he could tell her after we left what we were having. He then said that he didn't remember, so she would have to wait until we found out. Kinda funny.
This whole thing has been quite an adventure, and it's kinda crazy that we have made it this long and not found out what we're having. This is going to be an awesome surprise.
I will post again on Friday so that you know what is going on. Pin It

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